Imran Khan

Head of Research

I started working at resourceSmith in 2012. It was my first role after graduation and getting to the interstage of ACA. I joined not knowing what I was getting into and after 8 years, I have loved every second of it, from simple to complex research and mapping projects, from learning how to write Boolean searches, to be involved in placing candidates for multi-million & billion-dollar corporations. I have been instrumental in developing the research/ resource function at RS. In my overall experience, I have dealt with the research of every flavor – from researching recipes to cleansing & building candidate and client databases – I have been a part of numerous projects. On the resourcing side, I have searched for roles from Office Admins to CTOs. I work with the ethos, that our work is beneficial for our clients and almost every client that is dealt with by the resource/ research team shows marked growth in their business. In my spare time I enjoy reading, huge “Harry Potter” fan (not the movies), watching movies from classics like “The Godfather” to animations like “Wall-E” and of course spending time with my lovely daughter and wife.