Everyone is good at something. There are some who may even be good at most things. However, there is hardly anyone who is good at everything. That is where the need for a Specialist arises.

Why burden yourself or your team of Recruiters with unrealistic expectations of managing it all? From winning a new client, a new vacancy, to searching and sourcing candidates for that vacancy, to calling and following up with candidates and clients, to the mundane task of formatting the CVs, to managing the CRM and then keeping it up-to-date.

As human beings we have evolved into an integrated and connected reality – where the focus is Specialism. Why do we need Specialists? Because they are good at what they specialise in. So rather than spending time and money acquiring a skill or re-inventing the wheel, we go to specialists. And not just to save time and effort but to make smarter and more well-informed decisions which bring you a closer to your eventual goals. Specialists help you achieve all this and more.

To understand this, take an example of creating a website. With the kind of technology and resources available to us, creating a website is something any of us can do. But, how many of us have the time, the energy and most importantly, the precise skills needed to actually do it? Within our budget, we try and find the best available resource which can deliver exactly the kind of website we have envisioned.

Coming back to our Recruiters, what are your thoughts about a CV made in PDF which needs to be delivered to the client in your Template, in a Word Document? Especially when the Copy/Paste function is not generating the required results. On top of everything else that the Recruiter has to do, is it really their job to correct the line-spacing, fonts, and order the CV according to a particular format? In the process of formatting a CV, your concentration may be broken, your eyes get strained looking for that extra spacing or an additional full stop and most importantly, you may not enjoy it which will not give you optimal results leaving the client unsatisfied and will reflect poorly on your business as a Recruiter.

For Recruiters, you have to go through a good number of CVs to generate a longlist. Generating a lost list is a time consuming and an extremely monotonous task. In doing so, you may even miss a few profiles or not be able to read the CV in depth with concentration because of other work pressures or lack of time. What if you have a longlist created carefully just for you to review? What if based on your search idea, the results are collected for you to examine? Leaving more time and room for you to focus on candidate communication and follow-up.

We are specialists when it comes to Research, CV sourcing, CV Formatting, and CRM Management – we add value to your work. We are not only saving you time and hassle; we are helping you do your work better by letting you:

– Maintain your focus
– Be free of basic but repetitive tasks
– Concentrate your energies by being less distracted
– Bring positivity to your work day