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resourceSmith is the only RPO with the ability to offer full back-office support - Administrative, Resourcing, Research, Business Development & Training. resourceSmith offers fully trained man-power to fill the following positions in your business:

Administrator - Do you have CVs that need formatting on a daily basis? Does your team post hundreds of adverts regularly? Do you have ongoing data entry or database management work? Have you distributed this work amongst your Business Winning team? Why not hire a dedicated administrator at RS to cover any or all of these functions and freeing your team to focus on Business Development

Resourcer - Are your consultants doing their own CV Searching? Would you rather have your consultants on the phone winning business & developing client relationships or spending hours trying to find a "good match" CV? Why not hire a dedicated resourcer at RS to cover 2-3 vacancies per day and delivering the required candidates allowing your consultants to focus on what they do best

Qualifier - Simply a pool of candidates is not enough for you? Looking for qualified candidates? Why not hire a dedicated qualifier at RS to not only source the talent but deliver qualified results which will save you the time and energies required to ensure a "placement"

Researcher - Do you have a Research project? Looking to map out organizations? 'Who' is working 'where'? Why not hire a dedicated researcher or a team of researchers at RS to generate a detailed report

Lead Generator - Looking for new leads? Do your consultants do the leg work in generating leads? Why not hire a dedicated lead generator at RS to provide you with leads that deliver new business