Your success is the measurefor our success.


resourceSmith was established in 2010 and today it consists of a team of 15 expert researchers and resourcers with 35 years of experience in resourcing altogether. RS started with a definite mission - to build strong and long-lasting professional relationships and to ensure the success of its clients. So far RS has managed to build a team of hardworking and goal-oriented people who know how to make a profitable change to a recruitment agency's back-office recruitment function

resourceSmith guarantees considerable cost reduction, time efficiency, quality and a hassle-free service. The flexible working model allows the client to stay in charge of the process at every stage, yet have the freedom to focus on their more immediate business strategies

Why resourceSmith?

RS has the expertise and the tools to deliver candidates that will meet all your requirements, even at a short notice. RS guarantees an initial search and research of candidates, as well as identifying the right talent for the job. All of this in a timely manner, reducing up to 70% of the average resourcing costs. Our researchers work one-to-one with the client in order to become acquainted with the culture and the type of business, thus building the right criteria and profile for the talent recruitment.