Your success is the measurefor our success.

Outsourcing your back office recruitment functions to resourceSmith has excellent benefits in terms of Cost, Productivity, Speed and Quality

Quality: we provide quality staff that is thoroughly trained, RS strives to provide a service that not only reduces costs but also works at 'your' quality standards

Cost: right from the onset of service delivery your costs will considerably drop down

Time: RS works 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and is dedicated to meet your requirements

Specialist: with years of experience in resourcing and research, resourceSmith prides in being a specialist

Flexibility: the only RPO that truly is flexible.

Dedication: we strongly believe in our motto: "your success is the measure of our success"

Hassle Free: retaining staff in your back-office is not easy in the recruitment industry with the average resourcer switching jobs in 6 months' time - RS provides a service where you no longer need to Recruit, Train & Retain